First Celebration of Babin Den in Toronto

21.Jan.2007 Babin Den (lit. Grandmother's Day) in Bulgaria celebrates and honours the centuries-old midwifery.The ritual varies with the region, but in general, it stays close to the following scenario: In the morning of this day every young woman who had given birth in the preceding year, would go to her midwife's house, thank her for her help, give her a bar of soap and a towel, and then help her wash her hands. The midwife would stick some basil leaves, tied with red wool thread, into the young woman's hair as a health wish. At noon all new mothers would bring food to their "baba's" house and would indulge in wining and dining. No housework was done by women on this day. Men would not dare show up in front of them or in public places, for they would be mocked and chased by the merry ladies. The only men allowed to be around the partying women were the musicians. ........ As to our celebration of the Babin Den, we followed the tradition to the dot :)))