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11.Feb. 2012 St. Trifon Zarezan's Day more

11.Dec. 2011 Christmas Performance at Toronto's Old Distillery District more

26.Nov. 2011 Igranka's Seventh Anniversary more

17.Sep. 2011 Fundrasing Event for Antony more

13.Aug. 2011 Bloorcourt Festival more

30.Jul. 2011 Alex and Sarah's Wedding more

24.Jul. 2011 Latin American Festival In Toronto 2011 more

9.Jul. 2011 Orlin's Birthday Party more

9.Jul. 2011 Carabram 2011 more

17.Jun. 2011 Markham Village Festival more

11.Jun. 2011 Lidia and Toni's Wedding more

22.May. 2011 Sts. Cyril and Methody Day more

7.May. 2011 Petar Ralchev and Quartet in Toronto more

28.Apr. 2011 Dance Practice with Stoyan more

9.Apr. 2011 Fifth Kukeri Day in Toronto more

5.Mar. 2011 Bulgaria's Liberation Day with Valya Balkanska more

25.Feb. 2011 Workshop at Ryerson University more

12.Feb. 2011 St. Trifon's Day with the Kolorit Orchestra more

29.Jan. 2011 At Boyan Stoikov's Concert more

27.Nov. 2010 Igranka's Sixth Anniversary Celebration more

30.Oct. 2010 Performance at Yves Moreau's Workshop in Toronto more

8.Oct. 2010 Workshop in Sydney more

6.Oct. 2010 Workshop in Canberra more

26.Sep. 2010 Celebrating the Hundredth Anniversary of the Sts. Cyril and Methody Cathedral at the Church's banquet hall more

25.Sep. 2010 Centennial Anniversary of the Sts. Cyril and Methody Cathedral at Westin Prince Hotel more

25.Jul. 2010 Latin American Festival in Toronto more

9-11.Jul. 2010 Carabram 2010 more

21.Jun. 2010 Slovak Canadian Day more

8.Jun. 2010 Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell's Fundraiser more

23.May, 2010 Sts. Cyril and Methody Day more

10.Apr.2010 Fourth Kukeri Day in Toronto more

26.Mar.2010 Slavka Kalcheva's Concert in Toronto more

7.Mar.2010 The Third of March - Bulgaria's Liberation Day at St.Dimitar Church more

6.Mar.2010 The Third of March - Bulgaria's Liberation Day at St.Cyril and Methody Church more

20.Feb.2010 Mayor Susan Fennell's Gala for Brampton more

30.Jan.2010 At OFDA's Balkan Café more

10.Jan.2010 Emiliana's Birthday Party more

1.Jan.2010 Survakari on New Year's at St. Trinity Church more

28.Nov.2009 Igranka's Fifth Anniversary more

25.Oct.2009 St. Dimitar Day at the St. Dimitar Church more

10.Oct.2009 Toni and Nora's Wedding more

26.Aug.2009 Canadian National Exhibition more

15.Aug.2009 Kurdish Festival in Toronto more

10-12.Jul.2009 Our Third Carabram more

28.Jun.2009 Plamen and Marril's Wedding Reception more

24.May, 2009 The Day of the Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture more

17.May, 2009 Petya and Leonard's Wedding more

2.May, 2009 Performance at the Brockville Festival more

12.Apr.2009 Tsvetnitsa (Palm Sunday) Celebration more

21.Mar.2009 Third Koukeri Day in Toronto more

5.Mar.2009 Multicultural Day at NATO Base Borden more

28.Feb.2009 Liberation Day Celebration at the St. Dimitar Church more

14.Feb.2009 St. Trifon Zarezan Day more

11.Feb.2009 Teaching Bulgarian Folk Dances to Sandy Starkman's Group more

31.Jan.2009 Teaching Bulgarian Folk Dances to OFDA more

20.Dec.2008 Christmas/ New Year's Party in Hamilton more

5.Dec.2008 Igranka Turns Four more

29-30.Nov.2008 The Koukeri Tradition at a Pow-Wow in Rogers Centre more

26.Oct.2008 Saint Dimitar's Day more

26.Oct.2008 UN Day in Burlington more

12.Oct.2008 Portugese Folklore Festival more

2.Oct.2008 Nationalities Day at NATO Base Borden more

6.Sep.2008 Bulgaria Day in Montreal more

26.Aug.2008 Birthday Party in Toronto Harbour more

17.Aug.2008 Kurdish Festival in Toronto more

16.Aug.2008 Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto more

27.Jul.2008 Latin American Festival Downtown Toronto more

11-13.Jul.2008 Carabram - The Multicultural Festival of the Brampton Municipality more

1.Jul.2008 Canada Day at Dundas Square more

29.Jun.2008 Pre-Carabram at Shoppers' World in Brampton more

27.Jun.2008 Multiculturalism Day in Halton more

15.Jun.2008 The Church of St. Trinity's Patron Day more

11.May, 2008 The Day of St. Cyril and Methodii more

10.May, 2008 Tamil Multicultural Day more

25-27.Apr.2008 New England Folk Festival in Boston more

5.Apr.2008 Performance at Kichka Bodurova's Concert in Toronto more

29.Mar.2008 Second Kukeri Day in Toronto more

7.Mar.2008 Nationalities Day at the Borden NATO Base more

1.Mar.2008 Celebrating the Day of Bulgaria's Liberation from Turkish Yoke more

20.Jan.2008 Babin Den at St. Dimitar Church more

31.Dec .2007 - 1.Jan.2008 New Year's at St. Cyril and Methodius Church more

25.Nov.2007 Iskra and Wilmar's Wedding Reception more

23.Nov.2007 Igranka's Third Anniversary more

18.Nov.2007 Charity Concert for Marian more

28.Oct.2007 St. Dimitar's Day more

25-26.Aug.2007 Canadian National Exhibition more

6-8.Jul.2007 Carabram - Brampton's Multicultural Festival more

24.Jun.2007 Mini Carabram more

27.May, 2007 Celebrating the St. Trinity Day at St. Trinity Church more

26.May, 2007 Bulgarian Radio’s Celebration of the St. Cyril and Methodius Day more

13.May, 2007 Cyril and Methodius Day more

1.May, 2007 Birthday Party in Oakville more

28.Apr.2007 Makedonska Kitka Choir’s Twenty-fifth Anniversary more

17.Apr.2007 Bulgarian Initiation more

24.Mar.2007 First Koukeri Day in the World Outside of Bulgaria more

3.Mar.2007 National Liberation Day Celebration at Lionhead more

21.Jan.2007 First Celebration of Babin Den in Toronto more

chainik 17.Jan.2007 Celebrating Bulgaria's Joining the European Union more

chainik 31.Dec.2006 - 1.Jan.2007 New Year's Celebration at the Sv. Dimitar Church more

chainik 31.Dec.2006, 8:30 - 10:00 p.m. New Year's Eve Party With the Indo-Pakistani Community more

chainik 17.Dec.2006 Christmas at Sv. Dimitar Sunday School more

chainik 14.Dec.2006 Thirty-five years Bulgarian Radio in Toronto more

chainik 2.Dec.2006 Igranka's Second Anniversary Party more

chainik 1.Dec.2006 Carabram Organizers' Christmas Party more

chainik 2.Nov.2006 Nationalities Day at Borden NATO Base more

chainik 29.Oct.2006 St. Dimitar's Day Celebration at the St. Dimitar Church more

chainik 9.Oct.2006 Mr. Ignat Kaneff’s 80-th Birthday Celebration at the St. Dimitar Church more

chainik 7.Oct.2006 Mr. Ignat Kaneff’s 80-th Birthday Celebration at the Lionhead Golf Club more

chainik 10.Sep.2006 Ani and Richard’s Wedding more

chainik 13.Aug.2006 Chalk Lake Annual Picnic more

chainik 16.Jul.2006 Jelyazko and Donata Angelov’s Golden Wedding Anniversary more

chainik 18.Jun.2006 Father's Day at Sv. Troitsa Church more

chainik 11.Jun.2006 Performance at the consecration of the new Bulgarian chapel just outside of Niagara Falls more

chainik 27.May, 2006 Consecration of the Bulgarian Orthodox church St. Dimitar in Brampton, Ontario more

chainik 14.May, 2006 Performance at Sv. Kiril i Metodii’s patron day more

chainik 13.May, 2006 Mother's Day at Sv. Troitsa Church more

chainik 15.Apr.2006 Fundraising Performance of Ruska Nedyalkova more

chainik 4.Mar.2006 Performance at the Bulgarian National Liberation Day celebration at Mr. Kaneff's golf & country club Lionhead more

chainik 5.Feb.2006 Performance at the Bulgarian Radio party at Q-Sis 5.Feb.2006 more

chainik 7.Jan.2006 Igranka’s first public performance more


chainik 17.Dec.2005 Dance School Igranka's First Anniversary Party more