Summer in Bulgaria

Jul - Oct.2006, Nedyalko: I went back to Bulgaria to build a house, or, rather, just to convert an old stone barn into a rustic house, a refuge for my heart and soul from the IT business in Toronto. It didn't happen, but that's another story... That gave me time, though, to travel all over Bulgaria: I went to the folk festivals of Dorkovo and Rozhen (see more on those under Field Work); I travelled to the Strandja mountains and Varna; I had some national costumes sewn (still not finished!!!); I danced with two folkdance groups for authentic dances - those of Nedyo in Nikolaevo and Nanko in Stara Zagora; I played my gaida and camped by open fires under the stars; some gold-hearted village women gave me old aprons, belts, copper pails; I had a new B-chanter made; my gaida teacher Angel from Kotel remarked hesitantly that my playing had improved over the preceding six months; I had a chance to visit my friends Katya and Tasho Barulovi - real-life geniuses of the performing, teaching and arrangement of Bulgarian folk music and songs .
Sorry? The house? Ah, well… next summer...